Anna paints constantly in privacy, in her small apartment. I show her activity in the exhibition ANNA, with the intention of initiating a venue for events and conversations, a semi-public space that invites you to anything.

Image-making is Anna’s past, once the dream she struggled to achieve. When our whole family came to Sweden in 1969 my mother was 44 years. The move took her artistic career in Poland to an abrupt end. She continued – but gave up anyway.

My role in the exhibition ANNA is to start-up. When I let Anna appear in my art project I take the parent’s role in creating conditions and opportunities for development.

The venue is located near her residence. During opening hours, all visitors welcome. Other times, Anna can be there if she wants to, receive visitors or only working for herself in the studio. The installation continues for a whole year. ’Stjärnhusen’ in Limhamn were built in the 50s, in the modernist spirit with all confidence and optimism that prevailed then, also in Poland. In the area there are still some old people. Many of them have lived their entire adult lives here.

Interactivity – meeting – process

Locations are for meetings and events. A place has its meaning and memories associated with it. I think it gets really interesting when it is difficult to distinguish the place from the events that take place there. Events are not possible to completely arrange. They can only be initiated and started, a suggestion. Are the trees an event in the park or are they the place itself? And correspondingly; is the exhibition ANNA actual studio room, Anna’s painting, Anna herself, or the conversation that occurs between me as a visitor and Anna?

One thing is certain, Exhibit ANNA belongs to the one of my more experimental projects. I myself am curious ..