After the Museum of Garbage we were unable to forget the hole in the mountain of refuse. The memory was so strong that we wanted to render it undiluted, old kitchen refuse exhibited in a nice square in the city, available for all to experience. This was impossible for sanitary reasons; no city wanted to stage such a happening. We transposed the idea into a more acceptable one. Instead of stinking kitchen refuse we thought about all the stuff that is stored in attics and basements, all the things you collect, all the things that weigh you down, things that are not yet refuse but that will be thrown away in the end. We constructed such a half-way storage for an exhibition that took place in the city centre of Falkenberg, in a small house in the big square which we packed full of stuff. The crumpled up objects could be seen through the windows and door openings of the house. The exhibition, Kitchen Midden of Our Time, made a great stir. It was burnt down before the closing date.