The theme and title has its origin in the place. Staffanstorp is a relatively young municipality; settlers in growth. Here are some old mature gardens, but most of them are newly constructed.

There are a plenty of gardening books and television shows about gardens and gardening. Lots of recipes for what is right in a given situation. You can get professional help from garden and landscape architects, landscapers and nursery-gardens. But what is it that makes your garden yours, yours really?

The exhibition is based on observations from my garden. Observations of it and of my work in it, my cultivation. Garden experiences are extremely subjective, yours are perhaps diametrically opposed.

As a visitor, you are invited to attend the exhibition’s interactive part, to write down your own garden experiences and thereby convey them to others. You can even show off your garden if you want, by pictures or by inviting people to it.

30 pcs charcoal drawings in A3 portrait format, mounted on the walls 30 st short texts, in portrait A3 format, mounted on the walls. My garden is reproduced as an engineering plan in 1: 1 scale on the floor. Rendering with a dashed evenly thick line. The dotted line used in the drawing is to show the invisible in what is referred to, the obscured behind the contour. Garden furniture from my own garden – for visitors to sit in. The images and texts can be found in a print book, in A4 format, found at the garden furniture. (The books are fastened with thin steel wire in the chairs.)

The edition is limited to 100 copies. Each instance is signed and numbered. The book’s cover is made of a modern garden material; spun plastic used for reinforcement of soil on steep slopes.