Trees are valuable creatures. Despite this people treat them as if they were dead things for them to control. 

To prune them and saw off branches, perhaps to get a slightly better view. Some trees dies immediately and others survive, mutilated as if damaged from war. Weakened they struggle for survival. The trees are living organisms that we kill without punishment. As artists, we have begun documenting this activity.

Large trees live dangerously. Especially in cities that are getting denser and denser. The trees have difficulty competing with the constantly inflated land values. In a previous project “How much for a tree?” (2015), we studied how an entire park – with 100 year old trees in it – was discarded, without anyone actually breaking the law. Our work ‘Mutilated trees’ has only just begun, and documenting how trees are doing in today’s society continues. Only by artistically showing what people are doing to trees, we can fully understand the crimes committed.