One day we got a postcard from a girl called Lina, and it brightened our day.







and here’s our reply…

Although 3,5 meters high, these 6 sculptures are quite tiny compared with the 15 000 m2 big traffic junction. Still their presence is very strong and creates a unique entrance to the city. Due to difficulties with the soil – a former wetland containing mostly peat – other solutions would have been very expensive.

The light globes at the road junction Odenskog are constructed on the same scale as the vehicles entering the roundabout. They are the same height as the lorries on the motorway, passing through the big traffic junction. The light globes are like self-willed vehicles or rotating bodies that move in accordance with their own rules in their own orbits outside of the regular lanes. They surprise you, and they dominate the roundabout even if there are only six of them, covering less than half a hundredth part of its surface. The presence of the light globes is intensified and reinforced by your own speed as you travel in the roundabout.