Malmö Energy was one of the first major projects I performed.

When I was commissioned for the outdoor environment at Malmö Energi’s new headquarters, there was nothing on the wide corner plot at Industrivägen/Nobelvägen. The fundamental idea is about the transformation of energy. The cables that cross the air space reminiscent of railway stations and tram lines. The trusses criss-crossing the car park, and as well as linking the gasometers and the main building they are neon lights that light up in the night. The cellular antenna have been added later, but it works well with the rest of the installation.

The suspension of the lights are inspired by Copenhagen, where they often are placed in the middle of the wide streets. Now you can see the type of lighting installation in more places in Malmö, at Östergatan among others. 

I designed a terraced planting that rises towards the cemetery. I put a gate there so that the employees could take a walk in the cemetery during their breaks.

One can never know for sure what happens to a site, seen over many years, but of course it is meant to maintain and develop. A building was supposed to be built along Industrivägen. In the meantime I unloaded the leftover soil and materials here, and no house was ever built. I made sure they were nicely shaped to small hills. The hills are still there today.

Malmö Energy got the ’Svenska Markbetongföreningens Utemiljöpris’ in 1993.