Durus and Mollis are two individuals, an interacting couple. In my first rough draft I wanted to render a couple of figure skaters. One of them is leaning forwards, the other backwards – at the same time as both of them are reaching upwards. But the interpretation is left open; it could simply be one more introverted figure and another who is more of an extrovert, or one who is happy and another who is sore. They may be people or perhaps big seals. What is certain, though, is that something happens between the two individuals, a kind of interaction or communication. Durus and Mollis turned out dark green, as dark as possible, almost black. Still they are luminous in the night. The colour scheme is that of the traditional bronze sculpture – a dark, almost black bronze sculpture in the daytime and a shimmering green light at night, as from oxidized copper.

The site is important. Durus and Mollis are placed at the beginning of an imposing lime-tree avenue by the central lake in the city of Växjö. I chose a spot in the avenue where there was an advertising pillar, partly to get rid of the advertisements, partly so as not to damage the roots of the trees unnecessarily by digging new holes for the foundation and the electric wires. The old lime-trees and the gravel under them create a wonderful atmosphere which makes you think of much bigger cities and lakes. The lime-trees are old and gnarled. They bear witness to a bygone cultural epoch and a cultural heritage that this small city shares with Europe. Durus and Mollis interact not only with one another but also with the gnarled stems of the lime-trees, and sometimes they even disappear behind them.