Visualization by: Ania Christoffersson  

This is an art project that resulted in the redesign of the whole street. The street share the same ground material with the other streets, yet it is quite different. It is a park – that makes it unique in the area. Light Sculptures on poles of varying heights hover playfully in the pocket park. Some of them land on the ground and becomes temporary seating or elements to play with. They are like notes framing and enhanceing the site’s character, making Stallgatan into a special pocket park in the daytime as well as in the evening.  

Light sculptures

The light sculptures are of the same shape but at different heights, twisted in different directions. The shape is reminiscent of the moon’s phases, decreasing or increasing; depending from which direction you observe the sculptural lamp.   Some are on the pole while others remain in the concrete foundations on the ground. They are made of 4-6 mm thick fiberglass reinforced polyester, shimmering in its color scheme. It is a durable material, the same as plastic boats but with greater thickness. The sculptures were made by Dan Hill Plast in collaboration with the lighting company Deltalux ab.  

Park Islands

The park islands were included in the planning of the ground. They are the park’s structure and their design is important. The islands have integrated lighting that helps to lighten up the place and creating a diverse environment. The material is weather resistant steel. The system is called “Tree Isles”, delivered from Streelife in segments and assembled on site.   The trees are dispersed in the surface, as if they were self-seeded. Each tree stands on a small hill as if it had broken through the concrete surface. The trees define and dispose both the room and the traffic at the site. Pocket park is a unique residential street.