The Green Wave takes place along an entire street in central Gävle. It visually and experientially combines the city with green nature. The Wave is a documentation of a communication that should be possible; our technically highly developed society and nature.

The piece shows a sequence of 3 cars. From the first car; independent of the green wave (green / nature) to the second car; tucked, compressed by the green wave, and the third; destroyed by the existing tall tree!

It is natures entry into the city vs the cars’ deceleration, a conflict but an interaction – the start of a communication. The cars are painted green with a thick color that adds structure to the vehicles. The cars themselves may be regarded as part of the green wave – as a part of nature but also as an image of human endeavor to tame nature, shaping and changing it.

“Every city needs a green wave!

A wave that gives greenery, grass and trees.

A wave which captures beautiful city.

A wave in which the car is moved from the streets.

A wave that puts people first. “