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A garden where no vegetation was possible. Five sculptural elements multiplied to in total 27 occupy and inhibit the entrance to the emergency reception at the hospital area. The garden was made entirely of plastics because of the fear of unwanted live organisms that might penetrate into the buildings if real plants were allowed to creep on the walls – a plastic garden that demonstrates our solidary with all living things.

It doesn’t matter what illness or injury you are suffering, everyone is in a crisis situation when entering the emergency department. While relying on the professionals’ skills and that they do their best to help, you need a sense of being taken care of, an emotional disposal. Support from loved ones, sympathy.

The artwork La Familia is about being connected with people and also with the staff who are here to help you. La Familia are welcoming even if you come alone. The meet up at the entrance to Malmö’s new infection clinic. The color and shapes reminiscent of other animals and plants and all living things.

The members of the family are many. Irregular soft shapes up in the ceiling and on the floor in the entrance. They meet you when you pass on the way in and out. You can stop for a moment to sit on the large circular protrusion with them. They are there together in the entrance; above, around us, beside us. Some of them are scattered and gathered, they form a unit together that radiates softness and warmth. They welcome the visitor like an embrace and want to touch and be touched.

In the evening when it is dark, they provide light and brings with it a sense of security and hope. Their shape resemble flowers, hearts or even butterflies where they sit in the ceiling, on the ground. They radiate comfort and playfulness at the same time.

When the sculptures lit the different color nuances emerges even stronger. With their different colors and shapes is La Familia, as well as family members, alike yet different. We feel that they belong together, the whole family is in place.

Stained glass reinforced plastic, the same material as plastic boats are made of solid more transparent and with significantly greater thickness. The material distributes the light evenly, the small pigment particles are “floating” in the plastic and gives an iridescent color in the color and the slight color shifts.

Internal light source, LEDs provide safe operation and low power consumption. Separate control of the light makes it possible to have the sculptures lit longer than the other lights.